I’m sharing this as I think people should know about Medilodge of Southfield. I would suggest the center to anyone needing assistance. The center was under renovations during my stay and my husband was tempted to take me elsewhere. I told him the staff is nice and work together well. If the nursing assistants didn’t have the answer to my questions they would seek a nurse for further consultation. After a few visits he said, “I see what you mean the staff here are very caring!”

During my stay at Medilodge of Southfield, I established relationships while participating in the activity programs. I was given opportunities for leadership roles and to motivate my peers to focus on positive thoughts and healing. I was impressed with the Resident Council meeting that took place during my visit.

The food was above average. There are Snacks and treats that are available daily. The chicken dishes and beef tips over noodles were my favorite meals.

The laundry team was kind and social. They even gave me hugs good bye! I felt like I was leaving friends upon the completion of rehab.

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